Warning Labels by Dalia Lance

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For Amy Dixon, who always pushes the limits.

“There should have been some sort of warning label on her,” Christian said and began shaking his head between his hands as his elbows rested on the table. He was broken.

Alicia looked around the cafe to see how many patrons might be paying attention to his breakdown. Not many. She supposed a guy having an “episode” like this one could be considered commonplace on a college campus.

Alicia sighed and said, “I understand.” What she was actually thinking was A frickin’ warning label? Like that would have stopped you. But this was not very supportive, so instead she simply rubbed her hand on his back in the most comforting way possible.

This was the third such meltdown this semester alone. Each one was a little worse than the last. Alicia figured it was because the choices Christian had made in…

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Ask Dalia…

Hello All,

I find that since I am the wielder of #whoretips, I regularly get asked for my advice on situations of the dating/sexual relationship nature. Since I give these little nuggets of what I believe are wisdom, I thought I would start posting them here. I hope they are helpful or simply entertaining.

Also, if you have a question, please feel free to ask me here or email me dalialance@gmail.com. I would love to help you with your question if I can.

So… Here is the question:

“At one point are you “in a relationship””?

The age old, how and when do you “name the puppy”?

Well boys and girls, I think it is funny when I hear people tell me that they don’t know if they are in a relationship or they tell me that they are waiting for the other person to tell them or declare it or something.

So weird.

It is really a simple thing and something you should be communicating with the person you may or may not be in this “relationship” with. Ask them!

If you find you want to be with that person, then you should probably make sure the feelings are mutual. That way you can’t be disappointing if you are more invested then they are or will be.

Before you mentally commit fully, find out if you are both in it for real.



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Coming Soon…

 I am excited to announce that coming soon is the below short story which will be included in a box set: Florida Heat Box Set.

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