Knowledge is Power: STIs & STDs


Welcome to a subject that is not easily talked about: STI – sexually transmitted infections. (Used to be called STDs)

I had a very interesting time listening to a podcast recently called “Guys we Fucked”. @sryaboutlastnyt For the record this podcast is amazing and you should listen. However they had a guest on @talkingnut Bryan Stacey that had created an app called BIEM.

This application allows you, among other cool features, to get tested regularly and confidentially for STDs. You can speak with a doctor about issues and also connect with partners through the app.

For the Record, this isn’t because I’m getting anything out of it other then I was amazed by the options of this presented for a world that is still not as preventative is they could be about making sure they don’t contract a gift that keeps on giving.

Being a responsible playmate is making sure your cash-and-prizes is in tip top shape and that you can have open and honest conversations about this subject.

When was the last time you got tested?

How often do you ask your partner or play mate if they’ve been tested?

Being monogamous with only one person of course lends itself to less likelihood of getting an infection. But it doesn’t eliminate the possibility. What it does do is caused us to be less proactive so what if you could do any discussions with the doctor and get your lab work right from your phone? What could be easier than that?

Minimally you should be checked annually. However, if you were an active play mate then you should probably get tested more frequently. There are some of these lovely infections they don’t even show signs and you could be giving them to potential partners without even realizing it.

This is not responsible fucking.

So my friends… download the app and make sure you are playing with the best equipment. 💋