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Question: “Can you use a sex toy on multiple partners?”

I find that since I am the wielder of #whoretips, I regularly get asked for my advice on situations of the dating/sexual relationship nature. Since I give these little nuggets of what I believe are wisdom, I thought I would start posting them here. I hope they are helpful or simply entertaining.

So… Here again is the question:

“Can you use a sex toy on multiple partners?”

I am going to assume first that this question is not about disposable items such as eatable underwear. Because of course the answer is: NO! This is closely followed by: What the Hell are you thinking?

But with normal sex toys?? I would have to say yes. However, there are a couple points to this which are 100% hygiene related.

First, and truly the most important, you HAVE to keep your toys clean. Even if you are only using them on yourself. I don’t mean throw them in the dishwasher. This can be bad, very bad, unless we are talking about glass toys, but again, you should most likely not put them in the dishwasher anyhow.

There are specific cleaners that should be used on sex toys. These will usually keep them from drying out and getting micro cracks where germs can hide.

Even if you are talking about items like handcuffs, sex pillows, blindfolds, sex-swings, ball-gags, etc, you want to make sure you keep these items clean. Anything that can come into contact with oraficies need to be nice and clean. 🙂

I do think that this question was not about so much the cleanliness “if” but the sharing “if” of using toys on multiple people.

The answer for me is I think it is fine.

Unless the person you are with specifically requests that you do not use a toy on/with them that has been used by another then I wouldn’t worry about it and also, I would not feel the need to volunteer this information. Similar to the “How many people you have been with before them?” it is not information I would volunteer without 1) being asked and 2) wanting to form a long term bond with that person.

I hope this helped and may your toys be plentiful.



P.S. If you have a question, please feel free to ask me here or email me I would love to help you with your question if I can.

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