Ask Dalia…

Hello All,

I find that since I am the wielder of #whoretips, I regularly get asked for my advice on situations of the dating/sexual relationship nature. Since I give these little nuggets of what I believe are wisdom, I thought I would start posting them here. I hope they are helpful or simply entertaining.

Also, if you have a question, please feel free to ask me here or email me I would love to help you with your question if I can.

So… Here is the question:

“Are you required to disclose if you have had a venial disease?”

At first I almost didn’t list this question. I thought “of course you are”, but, as what I hope is an educated and intelligent individual, I took a minute and gave it some thought.

I have revised my answer!

Of course the answer is no longer as simple as yes or no.

The answer is now full of grey areas.

First if you have a disease such as herpes which I refer to as the “gift that keeps on giving” then yes, you should tell sexual partners even if you are not having an outbreak it is still something you can end up sharing. You might be thinking “If I wear a condom then I am protected”, this is not true my darlings. You are more protected, but guess what? You can still get things. Bodily fluids are just that: fluid. So they can get so many places and carry with it little germies.

HPV is another one you can share. Nobody wants warts on their cash-and-prizes. Also, most women don’t know they have it, so make sure you let your partner know there is a risk in having you as a playmate. Believe it or not, if this is a person who cares about you, they may not care at all you are a carrier. But, at least give them the option.

Now if it is a disease you have been treated for and the shot or pills cleared it up? Then I suggest getting tested regularly, depending on how many partners you have, testing should be once a year and if you are clean, then don’t share unless asked and this is someone you plan on playing with regularly.

As I have said before, if this is a one time thing, you don’t actually owe that person any personal facts, even your real name, that is how you can get internet stalkers.

So… my advice besides the above… USE PROTECTION!!!

Hope you have a disease free day!



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