Ask Dalia…

Hello All,

I find that since I am the wielder of #whoretips, I regularly get asked for my advice on situations of the dating/sexual relationship nature. Since I give these little nuggets of what I believe are wisdom, I thought I would start posting them here. I hope they are helpful or simply entertaining.

Also, if you have a question, please feel free to ask me here or email me I would love to help you with your question if I can.

So… Here is the question:

“Which is more intimate: Oral or Sex?”

I loved this question, honestly I love most of the questions I am asked, but this one is fun because it reminds me about when you first start dabbling, shall we say, in the sex for the first time.

Even as we are older I think that there are a portion, of mainly women, who are now or were not comfortable with someone “going down on them.”

I have also found this to be true when it comes to women giving blow-jobs or what I like to call “blowies”. Even past the beginning stages it seems that this can carry forward. I recently spoke to a friend who I believed to be very sexual and she dislikes giving blow-jobs because her partner doesn’t come fast enough.

This of course made me laugh, because during sex you don’t want your partner finishing too fast.

So…. Guess what? You can have it both ways!!! What you say? I’ll explain.

First getting to a orgasim is dependant on the person and what gets him off. But I will give a little hint: What usually helps in the “getting off” department is the repeated motion that is giving pleasure. Meaning if you are “changing what you are doing” every few moments it doesn’t allow you to build up to a climax. Basically ladies you, yes you, are making this take longer.

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s talk about the question asked. I would like to say this has a definite answer but it doesn’t from an outside person. The answer is what is more intimate to you. Simple as that. For me, in case you were wondering, I think Oral is more intimate, you are up close and personal when you are face-to-face with the cash and prizes of your partner.

So playmates out there… Although I didn’t clear up this mega-mystery I hope I have helped you in some small way. 🙂



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