Never Forget!

I, of course, love a man in uniform. I think most would agree seeing a person you are attracted in a uniform, ups the sexy by double when wearing those kinds of threads.

However, it is this day that we take time to remember these sexy men and women for a very different reason.

Many have given there life or lost parts of themselves, through injury or trauma, to protect the ideals and freedoms that we, and others in this world, hold so dear.

So to all of you, your family and your loved ones… Thank you!

You have made a difference to our lives and know that we cannot say enough words of gratitude to express that in just one day.



Want to be in my next book?

Wondering where we go from Whore Island?

I am presently working it on the sequel: Slumming It On Slut Street

With that said I would love to have you join me in supporting an amazing cause for local authors.

So, if you win the auction listed below you will not only be able to choose the name of the character, but I will let you add some personal touches including a big thank you from me in the acknowledgements and a signed copy!

Name a Character Auction

Look forward to adding your character to the line up. 💋



It is Mother’s Day…

To all the MILFs out there:

Well done on creating some amazing little people that grow into big, awesome, humans.

This isn’t a small feat.

Also, well done on hopefully having some amazing sex that lead to the beginning of this adventure for you.

#Whoretip: If you are creating a life, make sure you are creating several orgasms in the process. That way you never forget the start of the journey!