To Masturbate or Not to Masturbate… That is the Question

Alright, I know, the answer is always to masturbate…

Honestly though, I can say it is interesting, that there is still stigma associated with masturbation.

Parents still freak out when they walk in on their kids. This unfortunately, can cause a child to think what they are doing is wrong or something that needs to be hidden.

When some people walk in on their significant other pleasing themselves, they can get jealous or even angry that they were not invited to be involved.

There are also people who “have never done it” or “don’t like it.” I am sure there are those people in this world, however they should be treated like a science experiment as they should be studied.

I, for one, love masturbation. I think most should, if not love, at least like it a lot.

I also think, that we should take a look as a society on how we should treat masturbation.  So here are my thoughts and since this is my blog, if you are still reading, then here does it!

I believe that knowing your body and knowing what pleases you is not only helpful but vital to a healthy sex life. How can you tell your partner what you enjoy most, if you do not know yourself?

I also believe that in any relationship masturbation can and should be encouraged. This is of course if your partner is not using masturbation in the place of engaging in sexual acts with you. Then, I would communicate, there is an issue and you need to fix it.

When it comes to the younger version of adults, AKA children/teenagers. If you walk in on your child masturbating: DON’T FREAK OUT! I am sorry I was yelling just then, but please, just walk out of the room and when they come to you, open the floor for discussion. If they don’t bring it to you, you can gently ask them if they have questions. Make it safe to talk to you about it. In the future it will make a better environment, when the big issues come up. If they know they can talk to you, then you will actually be able to give advice that might save them from making a mistake they will have for the rest of their life.

So, I leave you with this last pearl of wisdom: It is up to us as a society to make sure that regardless of our own opinions, even the ones I am stating now, that you respect what others think. You don’t have to agree, but don’t put them down either. If your friends, neighbors, spouse, or playmates what to do a double click or their mouse, or spank the monkey then let them have at it. I encourage you to do the same!

Whoretip: Masturbation, with or without a partner should always be part of your sexual regimen. 🙂