“What guy are you on?”

This hilarious question was asked by a reader of My Home on Whore Island to one of my dear friends, who is also reading the book.

My friend, who for the record is an amazingly sexy nurse, wanted me to know that my book has created it’s own nomenclature in regards to referring to which part you are on. Instead of which “chapter” it is which “guy”.

I loved this… and of course I asked her which “Guy” she was on? Turns out she was on Mark, or as I like to call him “Panties on the door”.

Here is #Whoretip from Mark’s chapter: Stay-on make-up, especially lip color, should always be in your arsenal. It is important that at any stage of playing you look fabulous and your partner doesn’t end up wearing your shade!

So… What “Guy” are you on???



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