Being thankful in the nude…

Hello All,

I wanted to reach out on this day of gluttony (which is not my favorite sin) to say thanks!

This has been such a tremendously fun year for me, and the support for My Home on Whore Island has been nothing short of amazeballs.

So, as I sit here at my computer, contemplating how much of a requirement pants are for this holiday at a friends house, I hope however you do, or do not, celebrate this Turkey Day you know there is someone out there thankful for everything you have done this year!

#Whoretip: Make sure you get your play-time in before you eat. Otherwise, your turkey coma may ruin some very good reasons to give thanks… to your playmate!

Have a great one!




“What guy are you on?”

This hilarious question was asked by a reader of My Home on Whore Island to one of my dear friends, who is also reading the book.

My friend, who for the record is an amazingly sexy nurse, wanted me to know that my book has created it’s own nomenclature in regards to referring to which part you are on. Instead of which “chapter” it is which “guy”.

I loved this… and of course I asked her which “Guy” she was on? Turns out she was on Mark, or as I like to call him “Panties on the door”.

Here is #Whoretip from Mark’s chapter: Stay-on make-up, especially lip color, should always be in your arsenal. It is important that at any stage of playing you look fabulous and your partner doesn’t end up wearing your shade!

So… What “Guy” are you on???



How to know you are sitting squarely in the “Friend-Zone”…

Hello All,

I had a good friend of mine, who recently went on a date, tell me what happened at the end of the night and it caused me to think: How often does a person end up in or arrive and never leave the “Friend-Zone”?

So what is the Friend-Zone?

If you ask your friends I am sure you will get many variations on the definition of this term. It is interesting that most of them revolve around being a male that is friend-zoned (yes, that is now a verb) by a female.

Friend-zone: This is a place, not physical but very real, where you decide that a person who is interested, or could be interested, in a relationship that has a sexual context to it is mentally put in a category of someone you would NEVER have sex (or sexual type relations) with.

I think most if not all of us have been friend-zoned at some point or have friend-zoned (past tense) someone.

Signs you are Friend-Zoned:

  • You flirt with them, they do not flirt back.
  • You go on a date and they attempt to high-five you in the end. (This just happened on my friend’s date). This or any non-affectionate response to the date.
  • If they ALWAYS bring up how happy they are with their current other half.
  • If when you discuss what you like to do for a playmate or partner and they tell you they arn’t into that.
  • They tell you that you are “like” some member of their family.
  • You get put in the same category of behavior as an ex they say they don’t like.
  • They are more affectionate with other friends than you.
  • You get told that they are “so glad you are friends”.
  • You buy them the type of presents a partner would and they do not act as excited as they do when their actual partner gives them the same type of present.
  • There is no issue talking to you about the details of the playmates/partners they have or desire to have.

There are many more examples of the above. One of the biggest things you have to remember is that you may hear stories of people who were friends for years and one of them was in love with the other. Then one day the other realized that person was their soulmate.


I am yelling this (in text) because if you are friend-zoned, it is 99.9999% likely you will ALWAYS be in that zone. This doesn’t mean I am saying there is a chance. There is not a chance.

The only chance you have is waste a ton of your time or energy that you could spend finding an actual playmate or partner that wants you as much as you want them. Remember, it is usually a crush. It will be hard not to have those feelings. However, spend your time finding that person who desires you back.

Whoretip: Make sure that the juice will be worth the squeeze.




How do you say “NO” once it has started??

It occurred to me while having a conversation with a potential playmate, that most, if not all of us, have gotten into a situation sexually where we hit a point that we want to stop, for whatever reason, and simply don’t know how to actually accomplish that goal.

Now, I want to say first and foremost, I am not talking about where you are being “forced”. I am not speaking of when there is a situation where consent isn’t granted. That is rape. This is not that kind of encounter.

I am speaking of encounters when you go back to your place, their place or a hotel for example and you, at some point in the playtime, realize you no longer want to play. 🙂

What do you do?

If the location is somewhat public, like a restroom at a night club, the situation can easily resolve itself. I mean after all, you can sprint out of the bathroom, into the club and disappear into the crowd. One can hope that if you are to this point you haven’t given your full details to this potential hook-up.

Whoretip: Don’t give your details to a potential hook-up unless you are sure you want to add them to your roster.

However, if you are alone, in a room and in varying stages of being unclothed it is not so easy.

I know I personally have endured a continued encounter, and even faked some very strong orgasms ‘verbally’ to get out of that situation more rapidly. Recently I watched the movie Trainwreck where the lead character fell asleep to avoid anything past the oral encounter.

Is this wrong? The answer is maybe and here is why:

If you fake it, then your partner at the time has assumed they have done a good job (aka Gold Star) and it gives the immediate illusion you would want to do this again with them. When you don’t a void of “what the hell” is created for them.

The flip side is they haven’t learned anything. Obviously something is wrong or you would want to continue this play date. But should you tell them? Would you want to be told if you were doing something wrong?

Again, the answer is “maybe”.

Most of us are not built to receive criticism of anything, let alone our abilities in the sexual arena.

If you start of in a situation where your playmate knows you are more experienced and is willing to take instruction, then bonus. If not, well, then you can come across as simply being a bitch or an asshole. Because most of us are also not built to give criticism correctly either. Then what do you do?

This depends on a couple of factors. Can you simply walk away or do you have to interact with this person again?

As I mentioned in My Home on Whore Island it is important never to make a playmate out of someone you have to interact with in the future. Such as your favorite bartender. If it goes badly for either of you, you have a very awkward situation and you have lost your favorite bartender.

If you don’t ever have to see them again, unless fate decides it needs to kick you in your pink parts, then tell them, gently. Which means you have to be prepared to be called names, yelled at or handle a sobbing mess. Make sure if you do tell them what they did wrong then compliment something, anything they did right.

So what if you decide to let the playtime play itself out? You can do this as well, you can fake it, heck even a guy can fake it if he does it correctly.

There is another solution to this problem, albeit one that takes you knowing what you like, and how to be pleased regardless of the state of your partner:

Take charge and make it pleasurable.

I know that you can change the position, change the sexual act, change location. There is a heat there that started this encounter, so you can change it up to do what you like, and what is pleasurable, to make it better for you and for them.

If that is impossible, then yes, dear God, walk the hell away.

I hope that you can look at this type of situation in the future and not give up one part of who you are to get through it. If you want to stay, stay. If you want to go: Go. But don’t suffer ever with a bad playmate.





How to make a girl (author) all ‘tingly’…..

Since ‘My Home on Whore Island’, the digital version was sent to all those who bought during the pre-sale. I wanted to ask you a HUGE favor.

As an author and an artist I love the feedback from my fans. It is important to me to know what you guys like or love about my work. Similarly, if there is something you don’t like, please feel free to communicate that as well. However, the absolute best way to tell me and frankly the world that my writing made you laugh, smile, cringe, or giggle is by writing a review.

If you have read or are reading my book or any of my stories, PLEASE, write a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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