What is confidence?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about confidence, in a sexual context. Not their actual ability when it comes to being in bed with someone. More the confidence in getting to that point.

When you meet someone you are attracted too, even just primal or should I say in a sexual way, do you know what to do? Do you over think it? Do you talk yourself out of doing anything? Do you wait for them to make a ‘move’ that your hoping your subtle signals will cause?

My guess is that most of the time it doesn’t go in the direction you would like most of time.

So, my friend was asking me how best to change this. I could have taught her some amazing pick-up techniques. I mean there is a sport in picking up potential playmates. However, I decided there was and is a better way.

I will say this is not the easiest path, but it is the most fruitful, but again that is how life works isn’t it?

So, what is the big secret? That first thought you have: Say it.

If you see a person you are interested in, if only for a moment, and they have for instance amazing lips. Yes, I know we all notice these things. Go up to them and say “Your lips are amazing, bet you kisses are electric.” What is the worst that can happen? Sound cheesy? Maybe. But being honest and just telling someone what you are thinking and that you find them attractive, even just to talk with to see if there is a spark is way better then letting their inner voices or your inner voices get in the way of what may at the very least be a magical, orgasmic night or a good story for later.

#Whoretip : Always be yourself!